ADT2011 - Call for Research Papers and Research-Challenge Papers:

DIMACS in collaboration with the European working group on preferences is proud to announce the Second International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory (ADT 2011). ADT seeks to bring together researchers and practitioners coming from diverse areas such as Artificial Intelligence, Database Systems, Decision Theory, Discrete Mathematics, Game Theory, Multi-agent systems and Computational Social Choice, and Theoretical Computer Science in order to improve the theory and practice of modern decision support and automation systems. The contemporary theory and practice of decision theory and decision analysis must account for the presence of massive databases containing data extracted from the web or via data mining, combinatorial structures, partial and/or uncertain information, and distributed, possibly inter-operating decision makers, and the existence of masses of potential users on the web. Such problems arise in various real-world decision making problems such as humanitarian logistics, epidemiology, energy, risk assessment and management, e-government, electronic commerce, and recommender systems. ADT provides a multi-disciplinary forum sharing knowledge in this area.

The 1st International Conference on Algorithmic Decision Theory (ADT 2009) brought together researchers and practitioners from diverse areas of computer science, economics, and operations research from around the globe. ADT 2011 seeks to continue this tradition and invites technical research papers and research challenge papers on the following areas:

  • Algorithmic Challenges to Modern Decision Support and Automation
  • Uncertainty and Robustness in Decision Making
  • Preferences in Reasoning and Decision Making
  • Decision Theoretic Artificial Intelligence
  • Learning and Knowledge Extraction for Decision Support

More specifically contributions to the conference are sought in the following topics: Adversarial Risk Analysis; Extreme Events Risk Management; Preference Modelling and Aggregation; Unconventional Uncertainty Distributions; Robustness in Decision Making; Computational Social Choice; Compact Representation of Preferences; Preferential Queries in Data Bases; Universal Languages for Preferences; Multi-Criteria Decision Analysis; Planning and Sequential Decision Making; Efficient Algorithms for Decision Making and Support; Multi-Agent Systems; Argumentation and Explanation in Decision Support; Preferences and Policies Learning; Knowledge Extraction; Algorithm Tuning; Recommender Systems; Decision Support Systems.

Two types of papers can be submitted:

Technical Research Papers will be reviewed based on the standard criteria of clarity, relevance, significance, originality, and soundness. These papers are expected to convey substantial technical contributions to the field, or to describe case studies and deployed applications, all placed in the context of existing work. Research Challenge Papers are expected to present novel, concrete, and precise practical or theoretical challenges and the reasons for which it is beneficial for researchers in this area to tackle them explicitly.

The challenge sessions in ADT2011 are in response to a US National Science Foundation (NSF)- funded initiative, aimed at providing input to NSF on current and emerging challenges in the area of algorithmic decision theory.